PROPHECY 1 BY REV. CINDY JACOBS – Session 4 August 3 – Friday Morning

PROPHECY 1 BY REV. CINDY JACOBS – Session 4 August 3 – Friday Morning


Rev Cindy Jacob

“And the Lord would say there’s been a marriage of a religious and a political spirit that is trying to affect this election. And God says, Do not let even that political spirit affect the way you think, says God, and the way the Church votes. For God says, I have a plan for this Nation even in the next election and I am getting ready to shake and shake and shake, says God. But God says, I know what to do. Do not thwart my plans by thinking you know the way to go, for this is the time for the church to seek Me and disengage from the powers of darkness that want to sway the election.

I want to particularly speak to East Malaysia. And the Lord says, East Malaysia I am giving you a key to unlock the destiny of a nation, says the Lord. And the Lord says, let the Church of East Malaysia arise. And I am making you My hinge, says the Lord, that will open and close a destiny, says God. And God says, Begin to Fast and Pray.. Now! ..from today. I will raise up a movement of prophetic intercession in East Malaysia, says God that will become a wind of the Holy Spirit and it is going to begin to release the Fire of God in revival that will lead the whole region experiencing a move of the Holy Spirit, says God.<

So the Lord says, you as a Nation are in fact at the moment of a hinge of history, where You were even open the destiny wider Or for a season it will be shut close in the terms of advancement. But God says, there is time, if my people will pray and heed my call.

So in the Name of Jesus, I bind the political spirit that is trying to affect this election, and the religious spirit. And we say: you will no longer be in cooperation. You will no longer be in connection as it were a marriage together. We cut your tie today and we decree the will of God done on earth as it is in heaven!”


Lord is showing me in the Church this evening, there are awakeners, there are revivalists. There are those that are like a Martin Luther who is a Reformer. And the Holy Spirit began to speak to me and from the Word of God and it’s like prophets can prophesy and then they can share a moment… And this is what the Holy Spirit spoke to me: He said that in this year of Jubilee, we are moving, we, the corporate Church. But the Church of Malaysia has been given, of course…. The Great Commission, to go and make disciples of nations and heal the sick.

And the Lord said to me, I am getting ready to actually cause the church of Malaysia that if they are willing, TO LIVE THE BOOK OF ACTS! And you know, Pentecost means Jubilee. And the Holy Spirit is getting ready to pour out an anointing for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with great power. And so you are moving right now. You are in transition. Listen to me… You are going from one time to a new season. And there are Kairos moments that you need to grab a hold of. If you are in conference earlier today, when there was weeping, I recognized it as travail. But sometimes we do not know what to do with that, because there is an administration of the Holy Spirit. The Bible says there are diverse kinds of administration and so we are going to take the anointing in the House to say… “God! We want a GREAT AWAKENING! We want to shift from the last season TO THE BOOK OF ACTS PENTECOST!” We want a shifting. We want to say, “God! Now!” Its like Shifting Gears!

And as you see that as the Holy Spirit fell, 3,000 were saved. The Bible says that God added daily to the Church. And as you begin to look to the Book of Acts, you find out there were great warfare around them, and the Holy Spirit spoke to me that you are moving to a new season where there is going to be clashes but don’t fear it because there is violence in the heavens and the Spirit’s realm over what’s about to take place. Just like in the Book of Acts. Every time the Kingdom advances, there were push backs from Satan’s realm. Are you getting this?

That’s good news! You are not a tourist in your own country. You are really bringing change. The Will of God being pulled from heaven to earth. Are you understanding this?

And we must cooperate. And then the scripture, it says in Acts 4:31 – “they pray at the place where they were assembled together were shaken; and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit.” I like the Nigerian says, the “Holy Ghost” and they spoke the Word of God with boldness. It says the multitude of the believers were of one heart, one soul. Something happened supernaturally to their hearts.

And God began to move and in Acts 5:28, they threatened and said, “Did we not strictly command you not to teach in this name? And look, you have filled Jerusalem with this man’s doctrine…” A whole city was reached!

Can God transform cities? Can God transform cities?

Can He bring a great awakening to Malaysia? Can He bring a great revival?

Doesn’t He want to pour out the Book of Acts today? Doesn’t He want it to do through you?

Don’t you want to be a revivalist?

Don’t you want the power of the Holy Spirit to move through you?

If so, get up here & let’s make it so!


“The Lord would say over Malaysia, I am getting ready not only to awaken you as a church. But I am going to awaken righteousness in this Nation, says the Lord.

And God says I am getting ready to shake systems. I am going to shake structures says God. I am going to shake everything that cannot be shaken. But God says, Do not fear, the shaking because I am ready to do a new thing for I am going to release a reformation anointing upon the parliament. I am going to release a reformation anointing on the governmental leaders of this Nation says God. And the Lord says, I am going to put one up and bring another down. And God said, This is a Kairos moment of turning says the Lord, where I want to turn Malaysia to her destiny and I want to release an economic revival as the spirit of corruption is pulled down says God.

And the Lord said, I want to make this Nation a wonder to many nations. So you will lend to many nations and not borrow.

And God says, I am going to move like a mighty rushing wind to such a degree that thousands upon thousands will be swept into the Kingdom. And there are those churches that are 100 members. They are going to be 1,000 members. There are some that are 1000 members and they are going to be 2,000 and 3,000. I am going to began to grow mega churches in outstanding ways, says the Lord.

And the Lord said, one of the greatest wonders, will be on the university campuses, says God. I am going to raise up 24hr houses of prayer on the University Campuses. And I am going to move with the young people in a great way, says God and the Lord said, “Watch and see”, what I will do even among the professors, who intercede… and the engineering schools, the schools of engineering, says God, I am going to move.

And the Lord says, I am going to time this election precisely. It will not come a moment too soon. It will not come a moment too late, says the Lord. For I would say, as my Church begins to fast and pray, every day THERE SHOULD BE SOMEONE FASTING AND PRAYING FOR THIS NATION, says God, Surely I will begin to do some outstanding exposures, says the Lord.”

Excerpts of prophecy to Bro Paul Low (Transparency International- Malaysia) related to the nation.

Cindy Jacobs’ Comments:
Do you understand what a kairos moment this is?…

God is a History making God. He is the God of History. And the Lord said, this nation was at a point, a turning point. It is at the hinge of history, that’s what He said earlier today. And the Lord spoke over East Malaysia… And God said over East Malaysia that you are the key to the election, the key.

You will be able to say to your children, “I was there when God said the great awakening would come..” I remember being a part of the great Argentine revival prophesying the kind of things I did tonight. That churches that were small would become a thousand, ten thousand. It happened. You see, when the powers of darkness are neutralized over a nation, who wouldn’t want to be saved? ..if they could really see Jesus. People become so open to the Lord, and that’s revival. It’s a very… pregnant moment.

But Transition is a serious time. It could go one way or the other. So it’s up to you to pray, it’s up to you to stand up.

Prophecy for Paul Low, The President of Transparency International Malaysia:
And the Lord would say, “Zero Corruption, No tolerance!…. And what I expose is going to be headline news,..” And God says, “I am going to begin to expose the international connections that prop up the corruption behind the scenes and God says no one will be exempt when I begin to move! They will not be able to buy their way out of it, they will not be able to say I’m from this family, they will be able to say, I have that connection. Because I am the great Judge of Heaven, I’m going to take this to court. And I am going to say this nation will not be crippled with corruption anymore!” says the Lord.

This is going be a Holy Nation, says God, set apart for me.


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