In order to succeed, there are 4 steps to take:

  1. Motivating with an open heart
  2. Moving in Prayer
  3. Making contact with the surrounding
  4. Mobilizing services to the communities

Motivating with an open heart – with all your heart

Remove negative feelings and presumptuous thinking towards one another, so that we can become channels of blessings and love of God to one another.

Moving in Prayer– with all your soul

Build up the prayer of supplication to God so that He may bless, protect and bring changes in our surrounding communities.

Making contact with the surrounding – with all your mind

Recognizing our surrounding area precisely, until we can perform the call of God to be salt and light to our surrounding communities.

Mobilizing services to the communities – with all your strength

Becoming a servant to serve the society in order to bring the blessings of God in the center of our surrounding communities.